Cascade Armory & Under Armour - Clothing Wars

Cascade Armory & Under Armour - Clothing Wars

This article marks the beginning of Cascade Armory's journey in standing up to Under Armour's ridiculous cease and desist orders and claim of trademark infringement. 


  • LarrySpent

    Доставка алкоголя якутск

  • jeannie perry

    long ago in my home town of wheaton, illinois, two guys opened a little hot dog shop. they named it wee-dee’s, after one partner’s name, wehde, pronounced wee-dee. the food giant general mills came down on them with a lawsuit because the name sounded like wheaties, the cereal. — hot dogs? cereal? ! local people were outraged and disgusted. the little guys finally won in the end. the link from UPI can be googled: hot dogs or wheaties?

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