Petition - Kevin Plank - Put an End to Corporate Bullying Tactics by Under Armour

Last week a petition was launched on  The petition is aimed to bring awareness of the legal issues that Cascade Armory is facing. In this short amount of time we have nearly 4000 signatures.  If you have a chance, please take a minute to sign and share this petition.  Awareness will make a change. 

When we as a team stand up to Under Armour, we are not only standing up for Cascade Armory - we are taking a stand for all small businesses. Please let us be a voice in ending corrupt behavior by corporations. Your support and sharing of our story is so greatly appreciated.  Let's take a stand against corporate bullying and make change!


  • Welcome to capitalism. It’s a little sad that you’re attacking the system when you have decided to play the game. This happened to 10 Barrel many years ago, they used to be called Wildfire Brewing. What’d they do? Changed their name to 10 Barrel. Now look at their success. Good luck!

    Green Mind
  • I, too, am outage by this corporate bullying by UA. I just left a message with one of their legal team at corporate to that effect.

    I suggest others do the same but, be polite and professional. UA customer service put me in contact with the legal department… much to my surprise.

    There is no similarity to Cascade Armory in name or logo and UA needs to feel the pressure of negative reactions to their bullying.

    Jim V
  • This lawsuit by Under Armor, filed against The small business of Cascade Armory is total nonsense. Cascade Armory is in no way a threat to the gigantic sports clothing company. It’s just a bullying tactic that is perpetrated by “BIG” money against the entrepreneurship of a young man & his family trying to make a reliable clothing company that IS NOT in any way reaching out to the same demographic as UNDER ARMOUR.

    Birgita makinster
  • Corporate bullying and smothering American small start-up businesses must end KEVIN PLANK, CEO OF UNDER ARMOUR!!! Shame on you for pretending to be an American. Kim Jong Un is probably a more moral man than you.

    Ilze Briedis

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