• I just saw of this thru Change.Org. Donated and now will buy from you. I hope this helps your fight against a frivolous lawsuit. Perhaps you go on to find out if U A uses child labor or other means that make them so big and powerful that perhaps is illegal. Expose them! What really is a shame is why they would do this when they make so much money world wide.

    C B
  • While serving as a campus Pastor in Syracuse, NY, I remember eating at a local private restaurant on campus, who had a huge hamburger on their menu they called the Vopper. This was in 1976. Burger King found out about them and sued them for trademark infringement. This restaurant produced a menu, which had been copyrighted and registered with the CopyRight office at least 50 years before.

    You guys need to counter sue them for harassment, asking for your legal fees, etc. to be paid, plus punative damages.

    Pastor Art Ellingsen
  • After starting/selling 4 different clothing companies… Your name CASCADE is really the main focus. Armory is just a description, CASCADE CLOTHIERS… CASCADE ROYALTY..
    F&%k UNDER ARMOR, Their stuff sucks anyways, overpriced boring clothing!!! Move on and ORIGINAL. I would want nothing similar to there name in any shape or form. “WHY GO UNDER WHEN YOU CAN GO OVER”………. CASCADE ROYALTY, We go over!!! (mountain artwork)

    jeff sommers
  • I could see if you just called the company Armor but the first word is Cascade and Armor is spelled different. I don’t see why there would be any confusion with this name. I hope that it works out for you.

    Joe K
  • i emailed a few fellow classmates from wheaton, IL, comparing your legal problems to when a tiny hot dog shop in wheaton, called wee-dees, was put upon by the food giant, general mills, because the name was similar to wheaties. (the small shop won out.) here is a witty comment by one of my old friends (now a catholic priest):
    I remember it well as well as the story. The hotdog place was on North Avenue and Gary Avenue I think. It’s when the powerful get too powerful or too big for their under armor

    jeannie perry

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