Under Armour Threatens a Small Oregon Business - Portland Mercury


Cascade Armory getting love from the Portland Mercury and continuing to spread awareness on trademark bullying at the hands of apparel giant Under Armour. Why? Because they can. The Mercury hilariously points out how ridiculous UA's trademark infringement claims are and touches on the company's questionable past. 


  • I am so sorry for the lawsuit, I will never buy Underarmer again.!

    Victoria Lane
  • confusing I don’t see where , Under Armor needs to stop the bullying . I think i’ll just order my cloths from the little guys .

    warren hummel
  • Anyone that wears UA needs their headchecked. It is a shame people like Dwayne Johnson support UA. Shit brand made for shitty people.

  • Under Armour sucks and they should be ashamed of themselves. People that wear UA are sheep who have no clue what they are supporting. Idiot shirts!?! Haha


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